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Forum Rules
« on: December 19, 2013, 11:19:57 AM »
The opinions and comments made in the posts written by members are the responsibility of the individual member.  Capital RC&D and its partners assume no responsibility for the content expressed or implied by its membership.  That being said, we do have some guidelines we would like members to respect:
  • All posts must be related to high tunnels or plasticulture.  The exception to this rule is the “Off Topic Chat” area, but all posts contained therein must conform to all other rules governing the use of this site.
  • Only polite, civil conversation is allowed.  No slurs, offensive labels, political or religious debate, or foul language will be permitted.  Offending members may be warned and/or removed from this site without notice or explanation.
  • Only one forum account is allowed per person.  The administrator reserves the right to delete any membership without prior warning.
  • If members post messages that do not relate to the topic area, a moderator or administrator may move the thread with no notice.
  • The owners of this site will not tolerate personal attacks, put-downs, or threats of any kind.  Any offenses may result in warnings, removal of the offensive post, and suspension of the offending member.
  • No bashing of vendors - repeatedly bashing the same product or company will get you nowhere.  If you have a complaint, make it once and back it up with facts.  Please work directly with the vendor to reach a resolution to any specific problems.
  • Do not post copyrighted photos or articles – just provide a direct link instead.
  • There are prohibited topics of discussion that will not be permitted, including any links to pyramid schemes (or similar), advertisements for non-supporting commercial sponsors, or any other questionable topics not related to peer-to-peer support of agriculture.
  • This is not a comprehensive list of prohibited topics and Capital RC&D has the final word in what is allowed.  Offending threads may be removed, locked or deleted without notice.
  • Commercial advertisements are not allowed without going through the process to become an authorized vendor on the site. To start the process to become a vendor, please contact Capital RC&D.  Private individuals are permitted to post “for sale” and “wanted” ads in the appropriate section.
With limited staff availability, site owners cannot possibly stay on top of every post and every thread all the time, so some items of concern might slip through.  If there has been a violation of the rules that have not been addressed by a moderator or administrator, members should notify the Administrator of the forum via Private Message or Email. 

It is not possible for the rules above to address every possible scenario one may encounter on the internet, so Capital RC&D reserves the right to edit/delete posts or revoke membership to this forum without notice or warning if it sees fit for any reason.
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